“Not Perfect, But Progressing” Series

John L. Hill, recently created a series consisting of purposely unfinished paintings titled: “ Not Perfect, But Progressing .” Each mixed media painting consists of a portrait that is thoroughly sketched out with pencil, charcoal and oil pastels, and also partially painted over with acrylic paint. The realism within each painting ranges from hyper-realistic to minimal sketch markings. The main idea behind this series is to give viewers a feel for the progression of the portrait, and also the imperfection of the subject presented.

“Through this series I wish to convey a message to viewers that not a single person is perfect, and that is okay! A lot of times, I admit that I need that reminder myself. I do believe that, although no person is perfect, we all are born with a gift and a specific calling. And when we find our gift, cultivate it, and use it to serve other people, we can make a positive impact on this world. The key to this, though, is to not expect perfection, but to push yourself toward progression. When we check our hearts and our actions and fix them on progress instead of perfection, there is no limit to what can be done in our lives. GOD BLESS!” -John L. Hill

Imperfect Ali
The HUSSLE Never Stops
Imperfect B.I.G.
Imperfect Elvis
Imperfect Prince
Imperfect Michael Jordan
Imperfect Kevin Hart
Imperfect Gary Vee
Imperfect Tyson
Imperfect Icon Living
Imperfect Pac
Imperfect Biggie
Imperfect Bowie
Imperfect Obama
Imperfect Eminem
Imperfect Will Smith
Born 2 Rap